Platinum ( A Noble Precious Metal)

At Gold and Silver of Louisiana we buy almost any type of platinum. Many of our customers in the Baton Rouge area sell platinum in the form of used or broken jewelry, however, some sell this highly lustrous, corrosion resistant metal in other industrial forms. Platinum is often used for industrial applications in temperature reading devises that use type B, R, and S thermocouples. It is also used in medical catheter tips, electrical contacts, catalytic converters in automobiles and as a catalyst for some vegetable oils and even breast implants. As one of the rarest precious metals, platinum miners only produce a few hundred tonnes a year, and with greater demand from the medical, pharmaceutical and auto industry, the price of platinum has risen significantly over the past 10 years. Historically, gold traded anywhere from 25% to 45% lower that platinum, however, gold has recently traded around par or even higher than the other silver noble metal.

Selling Platinum in Baton Rouge

For those interested in selling platinum in the greater Baton Rouge area, no other place is better to visit than Gold and Silver of Louisiana's location in CitiPlace off of Corporate Blvd.  Our store will accurately analyse any type of platinum.  Whether it is used or scrap jewelry, coins, bullion bars or even industrial components like thermocouples, our team of professional precious metal buyers are pleased to offer you a free evaluation and top dollar for your item.  No matter how large or small, we can facilitate the purchase and analysis of any platinum application.  Come by our location today, or call (225-366-1000) if you would like to schedule a private appointment.

Buy Platinum in Baton Rouge

We also offer platinum jewelry and coins for sale!  Whether you are looking to buy a ring or bullion coins, we can help facilitate any order not matter how large or small.