Selling Gold Coins in Baton Rouge

Come to our Baton Rouge location off of Corporate Blvd to sell any type of gold coins.  Our friendly and professional staff are trained to accurately analyze the value of your US or foreign coins, and will be glad to offer you top dollar for the weight of your gold.  We may even provide sellers a premium for coins that have a collectors ("numismatic") value if the coin is identified as a desirable or rare coin.  Our company also offers customers  the option of consignment as an additional service for rare coins.  Selling gold coins is an important decision, so when choosing a dealer to do business with, make sure that you work with industry professionals.  Our Baton Rouge location in CitiPlace is widely considered a premiere dealer in gold coins and currency.

Buying Gold Coins in Baton Rouge

Our company is a industry leading coin dealer that also sells coins to those looking to invest or collect We can facilitate large or small orders of gold bullion, US coins, foreign coins, and may also be able to locate rare coins or collections for clients who enjoy historic or numismatic coins.  Additionally, we offer gold bullion bars for sale.  We stand by our commitment to every customer, providing an honest and competitive price for any gold coin or bullion.

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buy or sell gold coins in Baton Rouge