Sell Your Scrap, or Used Gold and Silver Jewelry in Baton Rouge

For those who would like to sell their used gold or silver jewelry there is no better place than Gold and Silver of Louisiana.  Our location in CitiPlace offers a safe and friendly environment where individuals can meet with a  team of experienced metal buyers and testers that will accurately evaluate your jewelry to offer you top dollar.  As the leading jewelry buyer in Baton Rouge we evaluate all types of jewelry and can offer industry leading prices for fine jewelry, antique/vintage jewelry, rose gold and diamonds. The jewelry doesn't have to be scrap. We also specialize in valuing vintage and antique jewelry.

Selling Used Jewelry in Baton Rouge

Many of our clients in Baton Rouge have gold and silver jewelry laying around their homes that they have not worn in years, and are choosing to cash in while metal prices are at historic highs.  Our professional customer service representatives are specially trained to value any used jewelry and offer sellers the most competitive prices in Baton Rouge.

Selling Scrap Silver or Gold in Baton Rouge

For those who have broken jewelry or scrap gold or silver, our location off of Corporate Blvd specializes in offering clients the best prices for their gold and silver in the capital area.  Instead of letting your scrap jewelry sit around, come visit us today and cash in for top dollar.


Come see us today at our Baton Rouge store for a free evaluation of your silver or gold jewelry, or contact us at 225-366-1000 to speak with customer service.