Baton Rouge Jewelry Repair

Gold and Silver of Louisiana offers jewelry repair services in Baton Rouge through our in-house professional jeweler Brooks May. Brooks is trained in a wide array of repairs and custom designs that are known to be highly detailed and superbly hand crafted. Whether it's a simple fix like re-clasping a gold or silver chain, ring sizing, tightening your diamond setting, or more extensive repairs like soldering broken metals, re-casting, re-ornamentation, our jewelers can take care of all of your jewelry repair needs.  We also handle most watch battery replacement and repairs. Brooks is proficient in operating our state of the art technology, such as a high-grade precision laser welder, to ensure there is no repair too small or too delicate to be achieved. For theBaton Rouge Jewelry Repair personal attention you deserve, stop by our store in CitiPlace off of Corporate Blvd to meet with Brooks May, one of Baton Rouge's most sought after jeweler and creative designer.