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The Art of Engraving

Jewelry is something that we have always held close to our hearts. We wear it, we gift it, and we even create it for the pure joy of it. It can be something as inexpensive as a plastic bead bracelet, to a necklace made with the highest quality of gold and gemstones. It is something […]

Designer Jewelry in a Secondary Market

Designer jewelry pieces are often found in big retailers and cost a pretty penny above the value of the metals. However, this makes sense, due to the perceived value of the craftsmanship, quality,  and beauty of the piece. Many jewelry designers are artists, and their artistry and style are highly sought after. Designers like James […]

Rare and Numismatic Coins

Numismatic refers to the study or collection of coins and currencies. Numismatic coins are often not produced in modern times and carry a premium much higher than the value of the precious metal, whether silver or gold, due to the rarity and collectible value of the coin. Numismatic coins aren’t always rare coins, but often […]

Jewelry Era Styles

The first indications of jewelry making began in Ancient Egypt between 3,000-5,000 years ago. Since then, jewelry has been widely used to adorn individuals and show signs of status, power, or attract a potential mate. Jewelry is considered antique when it was made over a 100 years ago. Vintage jewelry is considered vintage when it […]

Precious Metals vs. Mining Stocks

Physical Gold & Silver vs. Mining Stocks in Baton Rouge, LA As we see mass inflation occur across the world, many people flee to precious metals and mining stocks in order to hedge against inflation. Investing in gold and silver is a very wise decision when dealing with such uncertainty in the market. We see […]

The Fifth C of Diamonds

In Baton Rouge, we, at Gold & Silver of Louisiana, purchase loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings, and diamond fashion rings fairly often. As diamond buyers, we are sometimes faced with the tough task of informing diamond owners that their stones aren’t worth the price they paid to buy the diamonds. In fact, there is a […]

Coins vs. Bars and Rounds

Precious Metal Coins and Bars / Rounds in Baton Rouge Whenever there is uncertainty regarding future values of cash, we see buyers in Baton Rouge flee from cash and flight to precious metals like gold and silver. Our buyers choose precious metals for a variety of reasons: accumulation of wealth, protection against inflation, or for […]

Precious metals and the ECB’s stimulus plan and Danish Rate Cuts

Precious metals in the wake of ECB’s stimulus plan and Danish rate cuts   Gold prices rose to reclaim a key $1,300 price mark after the European Central Bank announced its intentions to go forward with a full-blown stimulus plan. Gold for February delivery Increased $7, or 0.5%, to finally settle at $1,300.70 an ounce […]


Gold rose to a new multi-month high on after the introduction of negative Swiss interest rates was seen as a positive for the precious metals markets. Gold moved up more than 2 % on news that the Swiss National Bank will do away with its three-year currency cap of 1.20 francs per euro. Gold appears […]

Gold and Silver Continue to Edge Higher in Price

7-11-2014 Gold and silver prices have risen to fourteen week highs as European stock markets have fallen lower and the dollar showed signs of weakness after the Federal Reserve minutes were released. Gold jumped 1.3 % to a peak of $1,345 per troy ounce, while silver jumped as much as 2.3 % to $21.55 an […]

Start a Coin Collection For Your Children or Grandchildren

How do I start a coin collection for my children or grandchildren? Many people might consider starting a coin collection for their children or grandchildren as a type of investment for them. These collections are typically held by the parent or grandparent on the child’s behalf, with the intention of giving them to the child […]

Taking Advantage of the High Price of Silver

As the price of silver has increased roughly %1000 over the past decade, many citizens of Baton Rouge have taken advantage of silver’s high price. Most have discovered that the box of old and tarnished sterling silver that has been sitting in the attic for over a decade now can be sold for thousands of […]

2012 Store Updates – New Inventory and Jewelry Repair

Jewelry Store Growth in Merchandise and Jewelry Repair Many exciting new things are happening at Gold and Silver of Louisiana in 2012.  In addition to facilitating the buying and selling of precious metals for our customers, the company is now offering professional jewelry repair services.  As a graduate of Louisiana State University, our jeweler Clifford Morse is very […]

Volatility in the Gold

This year’s gold investor has seen some of the most volatile precious metal markets in decades. Beginning the year just under the $1400 mark, gold prices continued moving in a steady uptrend to about the $1550 level in July. Then gold prices shot up in a parabolic manner in August until the price topped $1900. […]

Precious Metals Outlook In Baton Rouge

The price of precious metals are well positioned to remain at historic highs.  Citizens of Baton Rouge are increasingly taking advantage of these market conditions by cashing in their broken, used, unwanted, or scrap gold, silver, and platinum.  Many people in the Baton Rouge area are amazed by the amount of precious metals the own—many […]

Market Volitility, Gold and Silver’s Reaction

Gold and Silver’s Position in a Volatile Time Recent market volatility for U.S. and European stocks has not been felt in the two big metals.  Both gold and silver have remained a stable investment in the past few weeks as investors pull back from the uncertain financial markets.  Silver prices have risen, and gold is […]