Designer Jewelry in a Secondary Market

Designer jewelry pieces are often found in big retailers and cost a pretty penny above the value of the metals. However, this makes sense, due to the perceived value of the craftsmanship, quality,  and beauty of the piece. Many jewelry designers are artists, and their artistry and style are highly sought after. Designers like James Avery, Pandora, Mignon Faget, Tiffany & Co, and David Yurman often feature sterling silver and gold in their beautiful works of art. Mignon Faget, in particular, is a designer native to Louisiana, and we come across many of her pieces at our store location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Due to the constant changes in culture and fashion trends, our Baton Rouge clients are constantly bringing their unwanted designer jewelry to us to sell. Differing from your standard pawn shop and precious metal buyer, at Gold & Silver of Louisiana, we evaluate all designer jewelry pieces on the current secondary market trends, and offer our clients a value typically much higher than the precious metal content. We view your designer jewelry as a work of art, and we know this the exact reason you paid a high premium for it. While your used jewelry will not carry the same premium as the retail price, the value still remains higher than the silver and gold value for many designers like Konstantino, John Hardy, Cartier, Freida Rothman, Tacori, Mikimoto, and more.

Selling Designer Jewelry Tips

If you are looking to sell your designer jewelry in Baton Rouge, we recommend that you bring any original paperwork, boxes, bags, and packaging, as it may add value to your piece. If you are trying to sell a designer watch, please bring in extra links if you have them, this can increase the value. Additionally, if you have any sort of appraisal, valuation, or receipt, these could potentially increase value as well. Though none of these items are required, we strongly recommend for your benefit.

If you are looking to buy designer jewelry in Baton Rouge, we recommend visiting our store, Gold and Silver of Louisiana, before visiting expensive retailers. You will find our prices exceedingly favorable when compared to big-name retailers in Baton Rouge, because we are able to offer prices in the secondary market. We strive to keep our margins as slim as possible, in order to generate repeating customers. Our clients are treated with the utmost respect and fairness when buying and selling designer jewelry in the secondary market. You can possess the same, beautiful designer pieces found at your typical retailer, while paying just a fraction of the price.