Rose Gold

Popular in jewelry trends this year is the addition of rose gold to the jewelry cases. Sometimes referred to as pink or red gold, the color is attained by combining copper alloy with yellow gold. Rose gold is available in 14K and 18k. The highest karat version of rose gold is also known as “crown gold,” a name designated to 22 Karat rose gold.  Whether you are buying or selling rose gold, karat purity and weight are used in determining price.  Rose gold is sometimes given a higher value in jewelry due to its rarity.

Rose gold was popular in Russia at the beginning of the nineteenth century and was called “Russian gold.” That name was dropped when it became more widely used around the world.

Combinations of the three most popular golds together in design, yellow, rose and white gold is also at the top of the list of trends in jewelry today. From before Victorian times, craftsmen began intermingling the various colors of gold in applications of many kinds. More recently in the mid 1980’s, the House of Cartier used the combination of yellow gold, white gold and rose gold in a rolling band ring, reintroducing the desirable color combination in fine contemporary jewelry. The trend has since gained momentum.

The art of combining the gold colors has been successful in redefining tradition, as well.... much as the use of the newer colors in diamonds. “Strength in Faith” is  interpreted in the braided tri-color gold wedding bands. Rose gold laid upon yellow or white gold, like painting on a canvas, creates an interesting cartouche design. Rose gold is also considered a daintier version of classic gold.

It is with an interest in diversity and originality that rose gold has taken off as a modern trend in the decorative palette. “We’ve seen a surge of color when it comes to engagement rings, and rose gold is quickly becoming a favorite for engagement and wedding bands,” says Style Watch writer Brittny Drye. “The warm, rich alloy plays well with other traditional metals and stones, while giving a subtle and sexy pop of color.”

Rose gold is also seeping into other elements of modern fashion including everyday decorative wear like sunglasses, watches and even in women’s make-up and nail polish.

There are more exotic colors such as blue, purple, red and various shades of green. These colors are created through the science of adjusting percentages of base metal alloys added to 24K gold. Our ever-changing interest in diversity and originality will insure that the colored gold jewelry will remain in fashion.