The Fifth C of Diamonds

In Baton Rouge, we, at Gold & Silver of Louisiana, purchase loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings, and diamond fashion rings fairly often. As diamond buyers, we are sometimes faced with the tough task of informing diamond owners that their stones aren’t worth the price they paid to buy the diamonds. In fact, there is a very stark difference between the price paid and the worth of their diamonds. When buying diamonds it’s always recommended you first consider the four C’s: Carat, Cut, Color, Clarity. All diamonds can be accurately described by these C’s. This is the proper way to evaluate diamonds, but there is the unspoken 5th C, Cost! How much is this going to cost you? This is important to consider because the 5th C, in retail, does not always accurately reflect the other four.

Marketing Tools

In the large retail chain stores, it’s more about marketing and less about the quality of the diamonds. Department stores have pretty much the same strategy. As a general rule, other than the occasional inexpensive gift or after thought, it is best not to purchase diamonds in the same place you buy a toaster or lawn mower. Most retail chain stores offer a trade up policy on their diamond rings. This is actually a sales tool designed to build value in diamonds that have very little value, and to possibly generate another sale. Under the special high beam lights at the diamond counter all the rings are of VS (very shiny) quality. Most of these rings, however, are of very inferior quality stamped out by machines; they are mass produced in China & India and sold to the large retailers in the west at a fraction of price the consumer ultimately incurs.

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s only when people bring in one of these rings for repair, resizing, or a valuation estimate to sell diamonds to an experienced, reputable Jewelry concern like Gold and Silver of Louisiana that they discover a harsh truth, the difference between retail and reality, the 5th C. To receive the best value while purchasing loose diamonds and diamond rings, the secondary market is your best bet. At Gold and Silver of Louisiana in Baton Rouge, our diamonds are priced at their true value, so it allows us to sell diamond and engagement rings at a price that is much more affordable than diamond retail chains. Come in to see us at Gold and Silver of Louisiana, where the 5th C is just as important as the other four C’s.