Our Baton Rouge location actively buys and sells 90% United States silver coins.

90% "Junk" Silver Coins

United States coins, other than the nickel and penny, that were minted prior to 1965  were composed of ninety (90%) pure silver. Every one dollar ($1 face value) of U.S. 90% Silver Coins contains approximately 0.715 Troy Ounces of pure silver. Also referred to as “junk silver”,  90% U.S. silver coins are bought and sold by their face value in uniformed or mixed quantities of Half Dollars, Quarters and Dimes.  These products offer an affordable and well recognized means of owning fractional (less than one ounce) silver coinage.

Because of their intrinsic silver value, many 90% U.S. coins were taken out of day to day circulation after 1964, however, they can still be found circulating as legal tender for those who actively search.  Many Americans unknowingly exchange hundreds of dollars in silver for their face value as currency.  The United States Mint still produces 90% coins, but these are not designed for common circulation and are mostly produced in commemorative sets and sets designed for collectors.

40% Silver Coins

One exception to the 90% silver content standard in U.S. coins are Half Dollars produced from 1965-1970.  After the U.S. ceased production of the 90% silver Quarters, Dimes and Half Dollars in 1964, they continued to produce silver coins for common circulation in the form of 40% silver Half Dollars.  Although not as common or actively traded as their 90% counterparts, 40% silver Half Dollars still command a presence in the silver marketplace.

Visit our Baton Rouge, Louisiana location

At Gold & Silver of Louisiana, located in our great capital city of Baton Rouge, we actively buy and sell U.S 90% and 40% coins.  As a leading coin dealer in the capital area, we offer our customers a wide selection of products from circulated coins to commemorative, uncirculated and proof sets.  Stop by our store, conveniently located near the I-10 / I-12 split off of Corporate Blvd to visit with our team of trained professionals to discuss the sale or purchase of any silver or gold products.

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